During their ascent, the Medical Operations Team will be providing medical care to the expedition & climbers from other expeditions in need of emergency medical management.

Furthermore, the team will be making an attempt for the summit all the while focused on the following activities:

– Study human performance & remote medical operations in one of the world’s most extreme environments.

– Medical research on cardio-pulmonary, & brain function at high altitude.

– Real-time exploration medical operations management.

– Telepresence guidance & interpretation of heart, lung & brain scans on expedition team climbers Summit Mount Everest.

Store & Forward Transmission of:

– Echocardiogram colour doppler videos & stills on climbing team following changes in cardio-pulmonary pressures with ascent

Canadian Everest 2008 team has successful test of satellite communications hardware, video conferencing, and realtime echocardiography!

– Echocardiogram, & ultrasound imaging of lung tissue on sick climbers with High Altitude Pulmonary Edema

– Intracranial pressure data from the climbers during ascent using ultrasound imaging of the optic nerve disc

– Blood oxygen saturation, Blood pressure, HR data on climbers

– Everest mission sortie climbing video

– Realtime scanning with CSA & Ottawa Heart Institute from Mt. Everest Schedule 2-3 realtime pulmonary & echocardiogram sessions over 2 month period

Allow remote telepresence assessment & mentoring from Mission control hub & consulting partner institutions